Mickey Martin's 1 Augustinian Lane

...that it's all just a little bit of history repeating... Our Story

The Year was 1819. A Year where the people of Limerick gazed in amazement as a comet crossed the night sky and bones shook on sleepless nights to the words of Mary Shelley and her tales of the doctor and his monster. The Georgian Architecture that Limerick city is famous for today was also growing at this time under the reign of King George. Other than sky gazing, tales of monsters and whispers of mad kings another story was finding its beginning in the heart of the city. On a little lane just off Thomas street, a beautiful story has been blooming unseen for nearly 200 years. As the past begins to intertwine with the present an old unheard story, that was always just beneath the surface, is now ready to rise from the soil and be seen. This is the story of Lucinda Warren and the pub we know today as Mickey Martins and how the past has a mysterious yet beautiful way of repeating itself.

Between December 30th 1818 and January 5th 1819, Lucinda Warren set in motion a business. The trade of spirits, ale, cider and beer. Lucinda was a mother of one, raising a daughter and running a business is far from an easy task but for Lucinda her business was also her home. Those who came through her doors were not just welcomed as customers but as guests under her roof. As they shared stories and drinks she would share with them her open fire and surroundings she created to bring a comfort unlike any other in the city. The love of her home naturally reflected onto her business and being in the heart of the city it did not take long for it to become a popular establishment for those who wanted to escape from reality and enjoy the finer side of life. Lucinda had taken a little piece of Limerick city and made it her own and all were welcomed with a smile.

Now Centuries later where Lucinda Warren opened her doors stands one of Limericks best known bars. Mickey Martins pub now owned by Deirdre Martin, has captured the hearts of many. When you walk through the doors of Mickeys and are greeted by its old stone walls and open fire you can't help but feel you've stepped off the beaten track and landed right where you are meant to be. You can feel its rich history radiate as you comb through the list of spirits, ale, ciders and craft beers which leave you spoiled for choice. Maybe the unique atmosphere of Mickey Martins is not it connection to the past but how the past is ever so alive today within its walls. Deirdre Martin has unknowingly mirrored Lucinda Warren some two centuries later and on hearing of Lucinda's existence and similarities between them she is excited to bring her story to life and share it with all who visit the bar. A moment in time has been captured so beautifully on Augustinian lane just off Thomas Street in Limerick City. 2019 will mark 200 years since Lucinda was granted her licence and this year Mickey Martins will be reaching back in time to pull her story forward and let Lucinda Warren open her doors again and share with you a little piece of history in her little piece of time.